What is a Judgment?

A judgment is an order issued by a court of law. When you borrow money, you are legally required to repay the debt. This includes opening a credit card account, getting a line of credit from your bank and obtaining financing for a big purchase. You can also become indebted to service providers. This can… Read More

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Public Records on Credit Reports – Lexington Law

Learn what public records are, which ones can appear on your credit report and what changes have been implemented for public records by the credit bureaus.

What is a 609 Dispute Letter and Does it Work?

There’s nothing worse than finding inaccurate information on your credit report, especially if it’s dragging your credit score down. Fortunately, you can challenge inaccurate items […]

How to Protect Your Credit While in the Military

Around a third of active military service members in 2019 said they didn’t pay all their bills on time, and close to that number of military spouses said the same. Military service can require some serious financial planning. But many service members might not realize how joining the military impacts their credit—and how their credit… Read More

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